Helping Hands

2020 - Helping Hands raised nearly $20,000.00 for the new Parish Center, including much needed items for the kitchen and concessions. Thank you!

2021 - To be Announced.

Each year, we ask our parishioners and friends to support a project in the parish that we would not be able to accomplish without the Ceili. Typically, our projects focus on improving facilities on our church campus. Previous Helping Hand Projects have included renovation of the floor in the Social Level; reupholstering of the pews and chairs in the Sanctuary; financial assistance for children to receive a Catholic education and formation, renovating the rest rooms in the church building, and replacing the steps and installing new landscaping in the courtyard, signage for the church and school, and remodeling the kitchen and replacing the carpet in the Steinhausen center.

If you are unable to attend Ceili, please consider making a donation to Ceili Helping Hands below.