Honorary Chairs

Stefanie & Chris Wiedenfeld & Family

Welcome to the 11th annual Columb’s Ceili!  We are privileged to serve as the honorary chairs of this wonderful event and can’t wait to celebrate with each of you.  We have been fortunate enough to raise our two children, Maddie, a senior at Marian High School, and Nathan, an 8th grader at St. Columbkille, in this parish family.  All of us are blessed to be a part of this parish, and on March 3rd, we can come together in fellowship and support.  It would not be as successful without you! 

Congratulations to the Spirit of Columbkille Award Recipients, The Theresa and Jim Krajicek Family and The Jessica and Jim Rempe Family.  Their faith, stewardship and commitment to the parish is an inspiration to all of us! 

There are many dedicated volunteers that give so much of their time and talent to make this evening a success! They deserve the credit for bringing this all together. THANK YOU! We also want to thank Fr. Dave and Fr. Pat for guiding us on how to be good servants of God. This parish is thriving and it’s because of their leadership and dedication. 

Enjoy your evening and God Bless,
Stefanie & Chris Wiedenfeld

Theresa & Jim Krajicek & Family
Jim and Theresa Krajicek joined St. Columbkille parish in 1994. This was a homecoming for Jim, who grew up in the parish and attended Sacred Heart Academy, now known as St Columbkille School.  Here, his 6 siblings, father, and two uncles graduated. Jim is proud to say that he also counts 3 nieces and 2 nephews as St. Columbkille graduates, and has a great-nephew and 2 great-nieces currently attending. In May, all 5 of their children will have graduated from the school.  This family history has played a part in Jim and Theresa’s decisions to volunteer in a wide variety of areas, in both the parish and the school, over the years.

The interest, in making their children’s school the best it could be, spurred many of the roles Jim and Theresa have taken on. Jim was involved with helping to move classrooms from the original building, where his dad attended, to the new addition. He also helped install the playground equipment that is still enjoyed today. This was a wonderful way to meet people who have become lifelong friends. Later, Jim served on the School Advisory Committee, where he was known to stir up deep thoughts and lively debate.  His favorite service, though, would be his role as coach; Jim helped coach girls’ softball and basketball for many seasons. The relationships he made with the parents and players were some of the best he’s ever had. Theresa’s service to the school included Art Reach, Uniform Exchange, Room Parent, Welcome Committee, Lunchroom Volunteer and Girl Scout Leader. Jim joked that Theresa would volunteer for anything that would get her out of doing housework.

Their service to the community continued through the years.  Jim joined the Knights of Columbus and Theresa worked with the Ministry of Mothers Sharing program and has made many casseroles for funerals and dinners for families experiencing crisis. Theresa recently became a Eucharistic Minister and both are Catechists in our Religious Education Program.  Hosting Spirituality Alive! groups has helped Jim and Theresa along their own spiritual journey.

The Krajicek children have helped along the way with many of their parents’ volunteer efforts and by giving service of their own as altar servers, volunteers at Vacation Bible School, and in coaching, and volunteering at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. Coming together to serve at The Family Fun Festival, Thanksgiving Meals Delivery, Kindness Club and Rake-A-Thon gave the Krajicek’s a chance to learn about their family’s strengths and weaknesses. Delivering food to unfamiliar addresses before google maps was not one of their strengths.

In 2011, the family moved to Grand Island, Nebraska. It was there, in 2012, that Jim suffered a disabling stroke. The family was overwhelmed by the support and love shown to them by their friends back in Papillion, especially their St. Columbkille family. They were overcome with gratitude by the amazing fundraiser that was held soon after the stroke. Visitors and support followed Jim along the long route from Grand Island to Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln, then to Ankeny, Iowa and back home to Grand Island. Through it all, their St. C family remained by their side. In 2015, the Krajiceks returned to Papillion and St. Columbkille, where they once again, experienced the love and care of their parish.  The Knights of Columbus spearheaded projects that made their home accessible for Jim’s care needs and hosted fundraising events to help with the projects. Countless others in the community, including ReRuns, pitched in to help the Krajicek family. Jim and Theresa have felt unimaginably blessed by the welcome home they received.

Jim and Theresa advise and encourage everyone, no matter how much time you have, no matter what your abilities or disabilities to find some way to give of yourself. Share the gifts God has given to you because it will make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  

Jessica & Jim Rempe & Family
Both growing up in Omaha, Jim attended St. Joan of Arc Grade School, then graduated from Creighton Prep High School in 1996.  Jessica attended  Holy Cross School and went on to graduate from Mercy High in 1996.  Jim and Jessica Rempe were married at Holy Cross Catholic Church in 2004.  They made their home in Papillion and joined St. Columbkille Parish in 2011.  

Jim and Jessica have 4 children, Rylee, age 11, Addison, age 9, Eli, age 7 and Harper, age 3.  Their oldest three children currently attend St. Columbkille Catholic School, with their youngest child to start Kindergarten in 2 years.  Both Jim and Jessica have been honored to be able to give their time, talent and energy to our school and parish.  Jim has been active in coaching boys soccer, girls softball and active on the church grounds crew.  Jessica has given stewardship by coaching girls volleyball, basketball, soccer, organizing the HSA- sponsored Daddy Daughter Dance, past Girl Scout leader and teaching at St. Columbkille’s Summer Vacation Bible School.  

In 2016, Jim and Jessica started The Secret Kindness Agent Group at St. Columbkille.  The Secret Kindness Agent Group’s mission is for families to participate together in random acts of kindness in our school, parish and community through giving acts of service.  Families work together for the betterment of others, hoping to instill a love of service for our children (or, as some have said, a giant playdate with a purpose!)  The group began their first “mission,” The Kindness Rocks Project, with 36 members.  They have grown into a service group of more than 350 people, participating in service projects as families, as busy schedules allow.  The Secret Kindness Agent Family Service Group has worked in such projects as organizing Bingo games at Papillion’s nursing homes, sponsoring the “Egg my Yard” Easter event, Secret Santa/ Ding  Dong Ditch families, hosting Firefighter and Law enforcement appreciation nights, making military care packages, creating a Buddy Bench for the students of St. Columbkille, sidewalk chalking positive messages at local businesses, participating in Keep Papillion Beautiful Clean Up Events, hosting used equipment drives for under- privileged children in Omaha and school supply drives for a Texas School during the recent flooding, crafting bracelets for welcome bags for the children of “Angels Among Us” cancer treatment group, making Valentine placemats for Children’s Hospital patients and more.  Their most recent projects include hosting a Gratitude for Grandparents Event, making sack lunches for the residents of The Open Door Mission and making Hospital Survival Kits for parents who currently have babies in the Neo- Natal Intensive Care Units at Bergan, Methodist and Lakeside Hospitals.  Upcoming Kindness projects include families delivering flowers to patients in Alzheimers Units, participating in the KID WITH HEART program to build up peer- to- peer relationships and the “Pack- A- Picnic” event for families to participate in this Spring.  Throughout each and every event that their group has organized, it has been evident that the families of St. Columbkille are humble servants to our God.  

Jim and Jessica have had the honor of seeing hard working families come together, in the mist of busy family lives, to serve others in the most heartfelt ways.  To them, they can see that kindness is a way of life at St. Columbkille.  To see the amount of sacrifice and love that goes into each service project, is truly a gift.  The Rempes have always felt that they receive more than they give at St. Columbkille Parish and they are humbled to receive The Spirit of St. Columbkille Award.